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Hi! I’m Dr. K. Fatima Saifee, a Corrosion Consultant, Water Quality Coach for Professionals Founder of Unique Testing Lab and Water Professional Hub with more than 15+ years of industrial experience in the Oil and Gas Industry in corrosion, water wastewater analysis.

Ph.D. in corrosion a certified Senior Corrosion Technologist (AMPP) and a Professional member of the Institute of Corrosion (MICorr).

Helping professionals to guide in a strategic way to crack the AMPP Senior Corrosion Technologist Exam and serving my experience to manufacturing industries as a corrosion and water Quality Consultant to solve problems in almost all types of water like seawater, wastewater, brackish water, groundwater, surface water, drinking water, etc.

Grow your career to get a high-paying salary and position to live a healthier and happier life!

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You need at least 4 years of experience to apply for the AMPP (NACE) exam, which is the eligibility criteria.

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Absolutely, you will get full-time WhatsApp and email support for any queries that you might have related to the exam. Additionally, if you need a clarity call session to clear your doubts, that will be arranged for you. 

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Yes, with our guidance and study material, you will surely be able to crack the AMPP exam quite confidently! Book a call now.


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